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CLOV – Short Squeeze is probably about to start

What’s going on y’all. We got crazy action with GME, AMC, BB short squeezing, and a bunch of stocks being added to the Russell. Few examples, (MindMed, PLTR, and many other “meme” stocks).

But guess what? Guess who else is being added to the Russell? You best believe it, CLOV is also being added to the Russell index.

As of time of writing, CLOV has gone up 20%.

Also as of time of writing, Ortex is reporting an estimated 39.36% SI (Short interest).

I believe that CLOV is about to match the uptick with the likes of AMC and GME.

Keep your eyes out on this stock.

Edit: Original post was removed I think because I put the DD flair instead of the discussion flair.

Edit: Can you guys upvote my comment where I tagged zjz and unpopular mods in the comment section to see why they took this post down? Thanks 🙏

Edit: The beauty mods of WSB have resurrected this post, thank you!

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