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College Students Beg For Ammo As Millennials And Gen Z Embrace Guns

College Students Beg For Ammo As Millennials And Gen Z Embrace Guns

Submitted by The Machine Gun Nest (TMGN).,

Not too long ago, we wrote a response to something that prominent gun activist David Hogg said on Twitter. He believes that all gun owners are old fogey dinosaurs and will somehow “die out one day.” When they do, all the young people will usher in the utopia where nothing bad happens, and there will be no more evil guns. 

Well, according to an article recently published by The Daily Gamecock, an editorially independent student news organization of the University of South Carolina, involves college students complaining about the ammo shortage. It seems like just another piece of evidence that Hogg’s idea, and honestly, the left’s idea in general that young Americans are increasingly against guns, is flat out wrong.  

As the article mentions, not much attention is paid to college students regarding anything firearms-related, even though they’re increasingly becoming a large demographic of gun-buying Americans. 

In fact, the idea that younger Americans are against guns is a silly one; younger Americans were raised on the “scary” violent video games, tv, and movies from the 2000s that politicians and corporate media outlets were hysterical about back then. Those same entertainment properties are pop-culture staples today. 

Maybe even more importantly, young people have access to the internet. They have access to the opinions of independent commentators and can get both sides of the story being told to them. They don’t just get the news on current events from the corporate media and accept it as being the truth. Ironically though, some of the biggest gun control supporters are baby boomers, who largely still do get their news and information from corporate media outlets. 

We also have the pandemic and social unrest of 2020 to thank for a major awakening in many American citizens on gun ownership. Nine million people became gun owners between 2020 & that number continues to rise through 2021. A considerable percentage of that 9 million people are women, minorities, and younger people. 

Women, for example, make up almost half of new gun owners. In our own experience here at Maryland-based The Machine Gun Nest, it has become very common to see women come in by themselves to get range time in and practice with their handguns. A lot of these women are younger, college-aged people as well!

It’s unlikely that gun ownership will simply “die out.” But it seems that people are starting to wake up to the idea that the anti-gun lobby is controlled by a few extremely wealthy individuals who spend big money on people like David Hogg to become mouthpieces for their ideology.  

As the trend flips and younger Americans embrace the Second Amendment, Hogg’s campaign against guns could be fading into darkness. 


Tyler Durden
Sun, 10/03/2021 – 22:00

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