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Comprehensive Guide to EV companies

Electric vehicle stocks are down across the board since January, from the biggest Tesla down 33% from its peak to the smallest Canoo down 70% from its peak (on Apple acquisition rumors).

Here is a guide to the EV landscape today.

tesla = comedian nerd, Makes a scene, looks like an idiot, does better than you'd expect with the ladies

Rivian = Wyoming rancher, Looks like a Ford truck for the most part, just costs $80k, bought by Amazon

canoo = pretty girl, Gets great press for its Apple like designs (the "cutest pickup" was a CNN headline) has the lowest market cap, gets picked on by the jealous uggos (the shorts) and tried setting up an only fans letting Hyundai take a look at the goods cheap before spac funding

Arrival = sexy accountant, Small practical British company that has practical designs and has small trial contracts with ups/hyundai. This is the same Hyundai deal that canoo backed out of because Hyundai kept trying to grab its ass. Arrival isn't as pretty so she puts up with it.

Lucid = my dad is rich

Sleek, expensive, refined. The full blown blue chip factory right from the start. A bit on the bland side, but make no mistake driving a lucid is sure to put the riff raff on notice that your daddy can buy his daddy.

Fisker = the Donald of electrics

Went bankrupt the first time when their Chinese funder had capital issues for their bold design , they are back again for their second try.

Nio = Chinese exchange student

Pretty bland, doesn't say much. Just an average car that happens to be electric.

Bollinger = big dumb guy

It's a big truck that doesn't look good that costs $125k. Shrug. You do you.

Lordstown = unemployed guy in fancy suit

Being investigated by the SEC. Testing prototype burned to a cinder, car entered in a race dropped out because it couldn't finish.

Nikola = your wife's boyfriend

They rolled the truck down the hill because they didn't have a product. Still not the lowest market cap of the bunch, company fired the old CEO because they said he misled investors.

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