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What's going on you degenerate fucks. As you can see in the screenshot below, my service provider is Mint Mobile so you know I'm a cheap fuck who can only afford big value plays. Corsair is one of the best buys on the market for deep value and I'm sure you know that if you've been on this subreddit for more than a few days. I'll spend the first few minutes providing the same points I'm sure you've heard already.

  • 1.9B in revenue
  • 1.9B – 2.1B in projected revenue for 2021
  • 2.8B market cap
  • Forward P/E of 15.7
  • PEG of .8

If the above numbers don't get your dick hard then you might want to try finishing your finance degree for the third time. Corsair's share price has recently been beaten down for the following two reasons. Eagletree owns the majority of the shares and has been selling off anytime the price nears or goes above $35. This is a short-term problem and creates a great opportunity to sell covered calls and load up for the moonshot that will occur as soon as Eagletree is done selling.

The other reason this stock price has been pushed down is because of shills like Cramer saying that Corsair is a covid play and that gaming sales will slow down once everything reopens. This is bullshit. Corsair is projecting even more revenue in 2021 than 2020 and the gaming industry is set to keep growing. Current projections are a 9.17% growth rate for a total value of $256.97 billion in 2025. You can bet Corsair will get a slice of that.

Corsair has their earnings report on August 3rd which is three weeks from today. Since going public, Corsair has beaten expectations every earnings report and I fully expect them to smash expectations this time as well. As soon as Corsair proves that it is not a reopening play and that it will continue to grow, the share price will stop being repressed and it will skyrocket to its fair value of $60. Positions below.

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