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Could WELL Health be the next CoucheTard?

Saw this in the morning and thought it was a pretty interesting and relevant comparison between $WELL $WLYYF ($1.5bn mkt cap) & $ATD.B. ($50bn mkt cap)

Couchetard started in Canada, built the largest chain of convenience stores, started doing aggressive M&A into the US and now they are doing $54B/yr in revenue and have a $50B Market cap…

WELL also started in Canada, has now become the largest clinic provider in Canada and has a top 2 TeleHealth platform, they have just started doing aggressive M&A activity into the US with CRH and the multiple acquisitions CRH has been making with its $300M USD line of credit from JP Morgan. Not to mention they have partnered with Fenwick & West for a NASDAQ IPO in Q4.

WELL seems to be on the exact same trajectory as Couche Tard, only WELL is in a much more exciting, innovative, and actually life changing industry that typically sees a much higher multiple. They are approaching $400M in revenue with almost $100M in EBITDA so this is just getting started.

Do we see WELL with $50B in revenue next?

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