$CRSR DD or why you should park all your cash in this crazy undervalued tech company

Sup apes. Your favourite fruit is back for some sweet DD ($CRSR) that will catapult your shitty portfolio into the stratosphere.

Ever heard of Corsair?

They are the boys that fill your neat gaming PC full of dope parts. Not only are they a giant in this industry since their inception in 1994, they also got publicly listed last October for a measly $15.

Now, why should you care?

Corsair has all the properties that can make it THE stock of the decade for WSB – think AMD before they went from $4 to $80, now this time it's from $30 to $300.


Their current market cap stands at 3.12B on 1.92B sales and 148m profit. That’s insane in itself, their current market cap is minuscule and should be at least 5x their revenue. They are making cash hand over fist every quarter and are already a crazy growth rocket.

As per recent earnings article: “Major industry tailwinds seem to be helping Corsair achieve strong growth rates. In the first quarter, its overall revenue grew 72% year over year to $529 million. The company also continues to see improved profitability, as gross margin jumped from 25.5% a year ago to 30.3%.”

2.Tiny float

They IPO’d with only 91.95 million shares outstanding and a float of 88.4 million. This entire sub could outright buy the company out. Jokes aside, this isn't moving a 500m share giant like NOKIA, but rather like your beer filled kiddiepool.

3.Cheap Options

Flat movement for the last months meaning LOW IV and CHEAP option prices. $40 Calls on November are $2. And long term leaps at $50 barely cost $1.40. Since inception last year, their shares went from $15 to $54 in the span of a couple months. This rally died off when people finally decided to take profits after the IPO. But if options are too rich for you, it's still an excellent time to buy shares and park your cash there while the run up to $50 happens.

4.Low Risk

Always arguable, but This company just IPOed, is healthy and makes tons of cash. No risk of bankruptcy looming around the corner, or shares being diluted if it his 50$ or 100$. YOU CAN SAFELY PARK YOUR YOLO'd CASH without the company blowing up any second.

What else?

Analysts on SA have a big raging one for CRSR. (link in comments) and there is a very possible breakout about to happen + earnings coming up in August.

Now what company fits better for millions of Gamestop apes? A Gaming company that will fill every GameStop with little ram sticks and gaming gear. 🚀🚀🚀

TL:DR $CRSR is a good bet that could safely triple your money… Or blow your brains out with 3-6 months calls.

Obligatory: I LIKE THE STOCK. In for 5k and adding more this month.

[More notable DD from last week.](reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/nsc45n/crsr_huge_volume_breakout_buy_wall_stalemate/)

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