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DD Earnings on 11/15/21 week

DD Earnings on 11/15/21 week

I put together some data for upcoming earnings this week through Wednesday. Basically I was looking to build a snapshot of each company. The POS. column is a result of compiling the options contracts ending the week with the highest open interest. My actual position is to the far left. $SPREAD indicates the range between the current price and the strike price of the contract. NET/GROSS is for the last reported yearly financials. All data was pulled from either Yahoo or Nasdaq. Numbers are accurate-ish. I have no background in finance, so Im expecting to learn from this. Would definitely appreciate feedback from those who know what they're doing. I understand IV crush limits or extinguishes profits on contracts held through earnings, so Im taking positions that I think will have meaningful price movement. Green on the row means I have calls, and red puts.

QFIN: this company has a low and positive P/E and lower estimate for the next year. They beat earnings last quarter by 25.42% and a profit margin of 25.78%. A price point of 26.04 is affordable they're involved in data so Im giving it a go.

MVST: there's a lot better DD on this site than this, but overall it looks like they're going to start growing into positive earnings, and if contracts with USPS come through, it'll be a great play. beat earnings last quarter by 91%. The options with the highest open interest are puts, but I see a great upside here.

DAVA: This company has a high P/E but they beat earnings and have a profit margin of 28.24%. The options with leading OI are already ITM.

STNE: Looks solid across the board. Affordable. crushed EPS last quarter. good profit margin.

SBLK: Affordable. Super low P/E estimate. Maybe moving into big earnings. Still positive profit margin. Might do a late DOE on this.

DLO: affordable: PM is huge. Big upside on the favored strike price.

WPC: a little pricey. Looks like a solid company overall.

TGT: Huge upside for puts. The spread makes me think people know something I don't. 83% of open interest is for puts here. Would really like to hear someones opinion on this.

LOW: Same as TGT. huge spread of the strike price. Less percentage overall for puts. A lot of analysts are saying its over weight. Maybe they'll have dog shit earnings?

ZIM: this seems like the star of the show. The financials are solid. Super low P/E estimate. nice spread on strike price. Insane profit margin. Big time go.

NVDA: everyones buying this anyway.

YY: no position here yet. Just curious how they have a negative operating cost that puts NET above Gross.

Please let me know if Im a total smooth brain retard or what. Thanks!

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