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Discussion: Reopening Trade (Air/Cruise, Casinos, Oil)

I’m seeing macro trendlines of around 6 months (beginning November 6th, connecting around February 5th, and testing resistance right around now) in most of these stocks.

Friday, I decided to load up on 1-2 week out OTM calls (at strikes probably around 10%-30% above the current market value). I’ll be throwing a couple grand a week at this trade til it hits!

MGM, NCLH, BA, BP are my picks. Each from a different industry, positively impacted by the reopening and ensuing pent-up demand of the economy. I’m swinging for the MIL on this!

I’m a bull here for technical reasons. However, the fundamentals make sense here now as well. The current bull-market trendlines on all the reopen stonks started with a vaccine announcement on November 9th in the early A.M. (the freaking insiders bought/drove up prices before the market opened, that sucked).

The CDC letting “vaccinated” people stop social distancing has majorly positive implications for the economy. Think of traveling, think of the impeding Memorial Day weekend…

Go check out the 1-year, 1-day charts for these stocks, and draw a line from the close on November 6th to now. I think we see 30% or more gains in the value of these stocks the next couple weeks.

The market rewards those who risk more!…………but only when you are correct in your prediction.

Let’s hear the case from the Bears.

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