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With more states legalizing of sports betting by the month I see insane upside in the stock. Only about 25.852% (11 states) of the US has legal access to online sports betting meaning draft kings still hasn't touched nearly 75% of the US market alone. By 2025-2030 I think most people would be surprised if online sports betting isnt legal in every state. Although Draft Kings isnt profitable yet they have very promising user numbers. Draft kings user-base has grown on average 21.45% per year from 2018-2020 (~250,000), whereas the average revenue per user has increased 28.28% from 2018-2020 (~$20 per account). If they can continue this growth and also be legalized in more and more states (Cali, Texas, and Florida arent legal yet) I dont think many people cant see the upside. Probaly would buy shares instead of options but you do you

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