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$EDR Goes BRRRRRRRR, why MMA is delivering ALL THE TENDIES

Autist are you ready? Retard are you ready? Lets get it on!!! Welcome ya bunch of filthy degenerates. I have in my painstakingly long research come across a company that everyone is sure to love for all the right reasons. Raise your hands if you turn off the television when there's a fight during a sports event (*crickets). Unless your name is Cletis and you are the product of seven generations of inbreeding, chances are that you tune in more when there's a fight going on than you would for any sports event. Now let me add to this enticing recipe another layer, women. Not salivating yet? ok, fine, women fighting. Here we have the greatest and oldest sport of all time. *$EDR is the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.**

“And NOWWWW the moment all you retards have been waiting for…”

I know what you guys are thinking, "But Prest, our lord and savior Benjamin Graham advised us not to invest in companies that haven’t had a 20 year record of dividend payments.” Fear not, for $EDR (I will be referring to the Ultimate Fighting Championship as $EDR from here on out) has been around since the 90's and has a proven track record of continual growth year after year.

“Fundamentals? …… Jamie pull up that video of Hitler going all in on options”

The year was 1993; a struggling new company called the Ultimate Fighting Championship was a tiny unsanctioned mixed martial arts organization on the cusp of bankruptcy. Cage fighting was not something people were accustomed to watching at that time. The closest thing to it was boxing, but boxing was a sport on the decline. Gone are the days of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, now you have boxers represented by different promotions each with their own agendas and rules for how and when their fighters will fight.

This is why it took so long for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight to occur. And what did we get when that fight finally happened? An absolute snooze fest of two fighters point fighting and putting the crowd to sleep. Some people paid top dollar to watch that card, some upwards of $100 for the pay-per-view (luckily, I found my neighbors credit card on the pavement so I paid nothing).

Khabib Nurmagomedov: “Why you no buy $EDR? you know its great investment”

Enter $EDR; all the top fighters in the world fighting under the same promotion with none of the politics that boxing brings with it. Now here's the kicker, the fighters don't get paid what they should and are bound by an iron clad contract. These contracts are tighter than the pre-nup Jeff Bezos' new wife is going to have to sign.

The fighters are not allowed to fight under any other banner and must obtain consent from $EDR if they want to do anything else that may harm their ability to fight. Now I know some of you have the attention spans of gold fish so I’m going to break down the rest of this DD into four categories:

1. Competition? What’s that?

2. Papa White

3. Fighter pay or lack thereof

4. Five letters G-R-O-W-T-H

1) Competition? What’s that?

$EDR has no competition. There are other promotions out there but none of them come in as a close second. No one tunes in to watch Bellator instead of watching the $EDR. $EDR is like your wife, she’s reliable, she’s not going anywhere and even though she has a boyfriend neither of you have any illusions of separating.

Enter your side piece, Bellator, you give her attention only when your lady isn’t around. You text her at times “I love you baby” or “You’re so beautiful,” anything to give her that false sense of hope that you might actually care about who she is as a person, LMAO. Not happening Bellator, I thoroughly enjoy our times in the back seat of the car but what I already see of you is all I ever want to see of you.

“But Prest, what happens if you run into your side piece while you’re with your lady?” Exactly the same thing that happens when Bellator comes on at the same time $EDR is on, at that moment you’ve never heard of Bellator and act completely oblivious.

In the early days of $EDR, the fighting landscape was very different than what it is today. All of the best fighters in the world were spread out on different continents and belonged to different promotions. Promotions such as Strikeforce, Pride Fighting Championship and the WEC were all great standard bearers for the sport in the early days.

$EDR bought out all of these organizations. Their fighters were (for the most part) absorbed into the $EDR, which now houses the greatest concentration of world class mixed martial artists in the world.

“that right there ith the rocket thhip Dana White ith going to take uth to the moon in”

2) Papa White

No one person has had more of an impact on the sport than $EDR President Dana White. Often brash and speaking straight from the gut, Dana White is the reason why this once struggling company is now valued at over $10 billion. The role of management speaks a great deal about how a company is guided and its future aspirations. First and foremost, Dana is an avid fight fan, you can see his shiny bald head seated cage side at almost every event. His name is synonymous with $EDR, which is why when Endeavor purchased the company, it insisted Dana White remain as the promotions president.

Hate him or love him, the MMA community acknowledges that the sport would not be where it is today without Dana. I believe this kind of work ethic cannot be fostered and can only exist in someone that is truly passionate about their work.

When asked recently about his plans for retirement, Dana stated “I love this sport, and I love this company. I love all the people that I’m working with every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

“Fight of the Night goes to Jon Jones, he gets a 15% off coupon”

3) Fighter pay or lack thereof

Fighter pay is not a subject the promotion likes to discuss. A large majority of the revenue generated by $EDR goes directly to the promotion and not to the fighters. Although the fighters are signed as independent contractors, many restrictions are placed on them that prevent them from achieving their full earnings potential. Fighters are not represented by any union so there are no collective bargaining agreements to help them strengthen their position during negotiations.

This is the reason why I believe $EDR has been so successful and why it will continue to thrive in the future. While other sports pay 50% of their revenue to the athletes, $EDR pays only 15-20%. Simply put, the $EDR is a money-making machine that is taking advantage of the significant position it holds over the sport as well as the fighters.

4) Five letters G-R-O-W-T-H

Analysts have ignored $EDR. On Monday, the company blew past earnings because the expectations did not take into account the resiliency with which Dana White continues to push the envelope during the pandemic. The reason $EDR’s guidance was raised and it blew past earnings per share is because the analysts did not think $EDR would be selling out stadiums this early into the reopening.

My research leads me to conclude that $EDR is the best reopening play in 2021. The company’s introduction into the market has only seen an economy in which stadiums are closed and public attendance is restricted. With the reopening of the economy underway, I expect $EDR to blow past earnings for the remainder of the year. Live gate and attendance will continue to rise for the company and they will beat expectations because the company is new to the market and the analysts are not familiar with $EDR management.

During the early days of the pandemic, restrictions were placed on public gatherings. Arenas and stadiums were closed to $EDR events. So the company must have shut down, right? Wrong, $EDR shifted operations to Abu Dhabi and declared that the show must go on; this was a year before the company’s IPO. Analysts were not looking at the company then and are largely ignoring it now.

The analysts are not familiar with $EDR management and more specifically Dana White. When asked recently whether the company would be going back to no audience shows if the pandemic once again forces closures of public venues, Dana White replied, “Never, we’ll alternate between Florida, Texas, and Abu Dhabi if we have to.”

TLDR: The Ultimate Fighting Championship ($EDR) is the premier mixed martial arts promotion in the world. It is a highly profitable organization that, unlike other sports organizations, does not pay its fighters an equal share of revenue generated from its business. It is the best reopening play for the remainder of 2021 because analysts are unfamiliar with the work ethic behind $EDR management and more specifically president Dana White. This highly successful business model combined with the position the company holds as a monopoly in the sport, all but ensures that continual growth can be projected from $EDR.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor, Please do your own research.

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