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$EMBK Embark Trucks DD: the winner in autonomous trucking

First DD, don’t be gentle. I’ve been following the autonomous trucking industry closely and have finally picked my horse in the race.

I’m here to tell you tards why Embark is the holy grail in autonomous vehicles. EMBK will make $AUR look like a peanuts when it moons.

This literally cannot go tits up. Here’s my top 9 reasons why EMBK will dominate the AV truck space:

1. Over 14,000 pre-orders. Partnerships with DHL, Knight-Swift, Anheuser Busch, HP.

‘Nuff said. Embark’s partners have 35,000 trucks. 14,200 reservations.

More partnerships with trucking companies on their website.

2. AV + EV = 🤑🤑🤑 Embark is already building for EV trucks. Nikola/Tesla potential??

Story here. Name two more hyped technologies. Go ahead, I dare you.

3. $700 billion upside. projections are big but even if Embark only captures a fraction of the market, it will be posting multibillion dollar revenues

Info on slide 27-28.

4. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Knight Swift, and Tiger Capital

All 3 are investors. Full list of investors on slide 21..

5. Extreme Meme Potential. The $IONQ of AV.

Low float de SPAC. CEO is 26 years old. His name is literally A-Rod. Trump’s transportation secretary is on the board of directors.

6. No China connection.

Unlike TuSimple and Plus, Embark is all-American. TuSimple might go the way of Didi: they’re still being investigated by the feds.

7. Riding the $AUR wave. $AUR is already mooning. $EMBK is where $AUR was a week ago and it’s on the same track.

8. Massive discount compared to competitors

Embark was valued at $5 billion when it IPOd. Compare that to $AUR ($13 billion) and Waymo ($$$$$$$). Warrants are especially cheap right now and the stock has dipped. Ready for takeoff🤲🍆

9. Still don’t believe me? Check out their own presentation on why they will moon.

Tl;dr EMBK to the fucking moon 🚀🚀🚀

disclosure: 500 commons, loaded up at $8 a share, warrants at $1.40

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