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Following sentiment on UWMC and got in early – is sentiment analysis actually worthwhile?

I bought in some $UWMC a week ago. I started following Wallstreet bets and reddit a few weeks back and I've been able to find quite a few stocks. I also discovered a few platforms that track sentiment for reddit – and I wonder how good is sentiment analysis in general. At first I though it was bullshit but I used the below too buy in $UWMC a week ago, and its been pretty decent at spotting the trend and even now says a 93% bull market

What do we think of sentiment analysis. I found this platform which looks neat so, I'm thinking of using it? Does sentiment analysis actually work? I also have some more specific questions

  1. I know sentiment analysis uses NLP, can computers really understand what "to the moon" means etc
  2. Is sentiment pre emptive or post occasion. I read that its usually post but for $UWMC etc seems to have been pre
  3. Is it a consistent trading signal?

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