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For AMC the Hedgefunds are not the real predators and have been waiting to post this

I am going to be real honest on this but the real scum bags on this AMC stuff isn’t the hedgefunds it’s the youtubers, influencers, and Redditors trying to get likes, clout, shares, followers, views, subscribers, etc.

I have been watching and reading shit for more than a month about dark pools, hidden shorted shares, manipulation, APE NATION, bullish wedge, 10 percent down but a good sign, failure to delivers, the real price, etc.

Just want to throw this out here and say a lot of people got screwed because they are listening to all this and these people are making these videos and posts to get you connected to their account for their own benefit. YouTubers that post 2 times a day to talk AMC got ridiculous amount of likes and subs which grows their channel. Never saw their position, if the were still holding or even if they had one. They took advantage for their own gain and everybody fell for it. Guarantee there were some that believed in this and all this theory stuff and had positions but again screw those people too that dragged AMC holders a long and gave them hope trying to profit on their shares.

In the end, this is WSB and love the dumb shit people do on this sub and the gains people make and AMC was awesome for me from $14 to $50 and got out. But people need to know heggies were not the predators on this it was the people that were taking advantage of retail investors and brainwashing them and making “APE NATION” a thing and saying $100,000 a share is the floor if you hold.

Sincerely, Chris Hanson (To Catch a Predator)

Edit: Based on these comments just need to throw this out here. I am not saying AMC is gonna go down and don’t have any slack in the game on this. I just want people that are still holding or held for a month to know that people are making money off this in other ways and are taking advantage of the situation. I hope retail makes money on AMC and if it goes to hell blame yourself and the people that you follow.

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