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Freetrade introducing non-optional securities lending

Remember this?

Freetrade is listed there as not doing share lending. That's about to change, at least in the UK. Freetrade is introducing NON-OPTIONAL share lending on any non-ISA account, so that would include general investment accounts and SIPP accounts. They are giving up until June to agree to terms else you'll only be able to sell and no longer trade in the platform.

"Freetrade is introducing securities lending in order to support us on our mission to offer everyone a low-cost and simple way up invest.

We need all customers to provide their consent. You can learn more about securities lending on our website"

Time to find a new broker.

There is a feedback form they send you if you write a complaint about this. I encourage you to get in contact and complain, at the very least insisting on an opt out.

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