From March to Friday – Finally

Back in March I threw everything I had into AMC after doing countless hours of research. I learned what options were, calls, puts, SI, CTB, everything.. like downloading skills from the matrix. I had never traded a stock in my life.

I went in… with everything… and immediately got nuked.


I got really nervous.. but was convinced.. I was completely convinced I was right. I missed GME Round 1, and am going to take some earnings and finally get some GME on tuesday. I'm super stoked. To quote the big short "I'm right. I might be early; but I'm right".


I sold my 5/21 calls for more shares.. and while this was still down from the high, things are finally looking up. This has been the longest 3 months of my entire life.

The crazy thing. This is still the pre-game. The main event is still yet to come. Except this time, I'll be in on GME and AMC.

I know there has been a lot of hate towards AMC. GME was just too expensive for me to make any real traction.

I love me some gamestop. Can't wait till tuesday. Never lose the faith.

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