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“Glacier Capital” DOES exist. Buy because you like the stock, not because of conspiracy theories held together with ducktape.

I could have just written a comment in the other thread which is blowing up rn, but it seems like everyone is getting incredibly excited over something which doesn't hold up. I'm all for loss porn, but guys please don't go all Kony 2012 hypetrain on me.

Glacier Capital exists. That sentence isn't going to make me any friends, but your wallet needs to hear it. They've even written some insightful pieces which panned out as per the analyses; CVNA (link below) performed well in the short-term as predicted, but the majority shareholder and CEO sold practically all of his shares four days ago, al in line with their poor long-term outlook.

A lot of the theorising focuses on the founding year of the company. Look… the profile on Bloomberg is for a different Glacier Capital LLC. There appear to be quite a few Glacier Capital LLCs. In the US, LLC names are not unique on a federal level. Unrelated companies in different states can have exactly the same name.

When we consider that the CEO of the Glacier Capital was still a university student in 2005, we can safely conclude this isn't a smoking gun and it's likely we're tripping up over unrelated companies.

A dodgy SSL certificate doesn't mean the site is new either, nor does an inconclusive WHOIS lookup.

Refer to this uploaded 'fact sheet' from their website 2017 which was cached by the WayBackMachine (an independent third party archiving service which does not exist to dupe diamond-handed apes on Reddit) and note the date it was set up:

This tallies up with his most recent university course completion date, as visible on this business intel provider's free preview page:

If you don't trust their self-reported creation date as cached in the web archive, maybe these third party sources will help:

What does this mean for the short. Is it a bluff? Are billionaires phoning each other and bribing journos to falsify the existence of hedge funds? Idk, I'm just a sleep-deprived dickhead on stimmies who is concerned that someone on his second sunrise in one sleep cycle is exercising more calm and reason than people with 100x my net worth.

But go on, let's have a crack at this.

Look at the dates. When the whole GME surge was first kicking off, Glacier Capital filed to register for a 'Legal Entity Identifier' (LEI) in order to comply with 'Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II' (MiFID II), which was a tightening of regulations within the EU in 2008. LEIs are required in order to comply with MiFID II, and MiFID II needs to be complied with in order to carry out certain high risk activities, including forms/scales of derivatives.

I am not a European financial services lawyer but considering the timing of everything, it seems reasonable to assume that the short positions may be real – and if new certs were put in place just for one series of positions, then it isn't crazy to think they might be especially large.

Again, I am not saying that this isn't an incestuous industry or that the capital isn't coming from known players. I am specifically begging you not to be a fucking dumbfuck because of one Reddit-cum-Sherlock post so that whatever dumbass decision you make next is at least a little less erratic. I've been holding since January, I'm not telling you not to buy GME, this is not FUD. Just don't be allergic to facts. Know your risks.

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