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GME/AMC negative BETA

With likely a major correction incoming looking at a company’s Beta value plays an important role.

A beta of 1 means the stock moves with the overall market. A beta greater than 1 the stock moves with the market but more aggressively. A beta less than 1 the stock moves less than the market. A beta less than 0 (which is rare) moves opposite of the market.

There are 3 wallstreetbets stocks that have 1 year Beta’s less than 0 (significantly less). GME, AMC and 1 other that apparently is banned from WSB because of market cap..KO_ _)

This guarantees nothing but in the hypothesis of a market crash it would signify that these stocks would go up not down with the market.

Feel free to add any more stocks that also show negative beta’s.

This is solely for findings and is not financial advise

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