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$GOEV – Canoo Earnings Report Speculation

I'ma try an' keep this short an' sweet.

I'm not gonna go in-depth about Canoo as a company. If you're on WSB then you've probably heard of Canoo. Regardless we all just throw money around any way, so fuck it, if you really give a shit then do some research.

To cut to the chase, Canoo is having its' Earnings Report next Monday (11/15/2021). Because Canoo is a newer EV company they obviously don't have any true earnings to announce. The idea is that Tony Aquila (CEO of Canoo) will use this call to drop some good news. But will he drop news? and if so, what?

That's where the true speculation begins.

A lot of information has been leaked that Tony Tequila has not commented on or has barely acknowledged and is not priced-in. The next logical thought process is; What information does Tony Tequila have that hasn't been leaked yet? Will Tony Tequila comment on any of the leaked information or release any new information?

Well, what I'm saying, is that there are known-knowns and that there are known-unknowns. But there's also unknown-unknowns; things we don't know that we don't know.

Here's some known-knowns that hasn't received a lot of press and has barely moved the stock price:

– Canoo announcing battery supply agreement with Panasonic

– Canoo's attendance of the Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia's 23rd annual conference

– An insane amount of new hires including people from Nio, Tesla, Harley Davidson, etc.

– Canoo partnership with VDL Nedcar to manufacture vehicles

– Canoo's MPDV nominated for Red Dot Design Award

Here's some of the known-unknowns that Canoo hasn't commented on or has barely acknowledged:

– Pictures of the new sedan (leaked, unannounced)

– Frontdoor Collective ordering 10,000 delivery vans by 2024 from Canoo (barely acknowledged, hardly any press)

AirAsia partnering with Canoo for its' new rideshare program (YouTube video uploaded by AirAsia then made private soon after)

-Tony Aquila's Form 4 showing him become a majority shareholder in the company


– Who the fuck does know. Looking at the past knowns, it could be anything (Canoo-Apple partnership? /s)

The obvious idea behind unknown-unknowns is that Tony "butt fuck" Tequila could release information that hasn't been leaked that no one knows of.

A little bonus spice:

Now I want to make it clear that this is mostly an earnings play.

But I can't leave out the the insane volume of open interest for the 11/19 calls. Currently there are 56,598 options that are currently OTM. 17,069 of them are for the $10 strike. Current stock price as of writing this is is around $8.50. If the 10 strike calls get close to being ITM then GOEV could go parabolic.

I want to reiterate, this is not a GME type fresh orange juice play, this is speculation on the Earnings Report being received well by the market. But the fact that OTM OI is so high, could help this stock fly. Just an added bonus.


Canoo ($GOEV) will release some big news that makes the market excited for the company. When big news then big moves. High OI make stock fly.

I will add links for proof to the above claims in a comment below. Auto-mod is a bitch.

Position: 1,500 11/19 15c

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