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Gores Guggenheim Polestar is an EV company that deserves attention

Can't believe polestar isn't being talked about on here. A recent car company that went public through spac through the gores holding company who have recently successfully taken companies like Luminar and Matterport public. Polestar or Gores Guggenheim is currently owned by Volvo and is looking at a 20 bn dollar valuation.

The biggest recent catalyst and also a reason as to why the stock is up 15% and another 13% in AH is the stock recently got an upgrade to 35 bucks by seeking alpha.

As a spac or special purpose acquisition it is their goal to raise as much capital as possible and this company in the sea of RIVIAN AND LUCID currently right now sitting at about a 1.5bn cap pre merger has a lot of potential if RIVIAN can reach over 100bn market cap on 2 days. I'm thinking polestar reaches over 20 sometime next week just because it's an ev manufacturer with more cars than lucid and rivian already being manufactured and it's in the money raising phase as a spac.

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