Grow a spine and be an actual retard!

Listen up retards, Shit goes red all the time, so could you please stop bitching and moaning? The big bad fuckin short-sellers are not here to get you, just hold the fuckin line like a proper retard! Look at fuckin GME, shit was a roller coaster of fuckin up, down and up again. Want to be a proper retard, FUCKIN HOLD THE LINE YOU APE! Just look at the fuckin trends you cucks!

Any person who sells or who fuckin doubts BB, CLOV, WISH is part of the fuckin problem. Grow a fuckin spine you paper-handed cunts! When it goes red, it just means the thing is on sale and you should buy more! Buy, Hold, Buy the Dip and buy fuckin more! Jumping from stock to stock like a fuckin kangaroo is the sign of a real fuckin clown!

And this dipshit idea of " bRo tHe GOod oL' DaYs aRe GoNe!" is fuckin ridiculous. Apes together are fuckin strong! Yes this is essentially a casino, BUT we betting based on hivemind mentality and if the hivemind goes in the same direction on a few stocks, we all fuckin win SO LONG AS WE HOLD! No we ain't here for a revolution, we here for money, but by "working together" (I know gay) we can make a lot more of it.

And to all the OG dipshits who are like "It AiNt nO TeAm GamE", Bro how the fuck do you think GME got so high? Bc one dipshit put his money on it or because a whole community rallied in that general direction? All we need is an arrow pointing x way, green or fuckin red, we go that way, and if we stick together like good retards we make money, easy fuckin peasy! I'll say it again: APES TOGETHER STRONG!

You want to do safe, smart investments backed up by research? You in the wrong fuckin sub-reddit! Being a retarded monkey means you believe! There ain't no such thing as distractions, only rockets to the the MOON!

Edit: The fact that so many comments are "bRo i aM a SmArT InVeStOr wItH PrOpEr RiSk MAnaGeMent SkIlLs, DoNt'TeLL mE To HoLd!" proves my point. Don't get discouraged by these paper-handed cucks, this is a GAMBLING den ladz! Holding has worked time and time again before the cucks arrived and it will continue working!

Is there a risk? Of fuckin course and only cucks care! TO THE FUCKIN MOON RETARDS!

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