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Hi there! Workhorses (WKHS the coming week

Lets pretend the workhorses take the same route:

Ortex alert on #wkhs 10-06

History on Ortex timeline:

Amc: first alert 15-05 price 14 Second alert 26-05 price 19 02-06 price 64.

Gme First alert 27-05 price 240 02-06 price 283 08-06 price 335

Spce First alert 31-05 price 29 03-06 price 33 08-06 price 38

But the difference , #wkhs is 45%-50% short interest. Sooo it could be bigger.

Definetly biggest potential next five days!

Anyway, just saddle up boys! Greetings from Norway!

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