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$HIMS the forgotten is at an All-Time Low

Today HIMS has hit an all-time low falling from $24.46 to now the $8 range. The former SPAC was all the hype and pumped so hard it reached stupid levels. So what has happened since?

The negative and recent drop-off was due to the news that HIMS is buying out all outstanding warrants (basically they added shares for a low cost to pay off an old agreement before they were a public company.)

So why the hell am I talking about it. Well, because for once.. it is something on here at the bottom worth buying with little downside vs the pumps trying to inflate something at its true value. HIMS isn't going to $24 until they prove something. They are however going to rebound some off this $8 mark and if you are not a poor sap already trapped in the nightmare.. it is looking like a hell of an entry point.

The Positive

Since last earnings – Hims & Hers Health has acquired teledermatology specialist Apostrophe a month before that they scopped up Honest Health (hair loss) to gain traction in the U.K. This company is out there buying up rivals and startups and adding to their product line. Since last earnings, they have added mental health services, new sex health products (those should go hand in hand but I guess they are separate). They are already selling that new Hair product line.

Positions: bought Sept 7.50 ITM calls today. Bought shares today. Earnings are mid-August. I'm jumping in before any run-up or extra earnings volatility pricing.

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