$HITID on its way to NASQAD. I strongly recommend getting in before the rockets!

I would strongly suggest you take a look at this Canadian weed company unlike the others. Currently on its way to NASQAD with 85 stores across Canada looking to expand to 115 stores by the end of 2021. Super small float!

High Tide: 170mil run rate just on stores alone. All the e-commerce will be over 30 mil run rate for sure. Fabcbd, cbdcity, grasscity, smoke cartel.
So without a doubt, we are already 200mil annual run rate.
Currently we are only trading at roughly 2.5x our market cap.

As more stores open and current stores and e-commerce grow revenues as demand increases with continuous acceptance of legalization, our runrate will grow forcing the price to go up just to maintain the current multiples.

I don't have the balls, but if someone YOLOs this, I'm sure you'll end up impressing even your wife's boyfriend!

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