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Holiday Predictions: Can Gamestop (GME) compete with Amazon?

As we are only a week out from Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season, I decided to do some research on how Gamestop compares with Amazon in selling online products, namely videos games, consoles, etc.

This past year, Gamestop has really made a push to move retail online, and this holiday season we will see the outcomes of this. Plus, with Covid, gaming is more popular than ever, so this market is a major one.

There are several criteria for selling items online:

Customer Service: Often missed as a factor, customer service is actually one of the most important things when buying online. Many times, when unable to see the product physically, there is confusion on the buyer's part on what you are getting, the specifications of the product itself, not getting what you want, and so on. Having friendly, knowledgeable customer service can be a huge factor in customer loyalty, reviews, and the customer decides to buy the product.

Prices: For obvious reasons prices are the major factor. After all who would buy something more expensive when it's the same product?

Availability: As many buy gifts during the season, there is bound to be a shortage of something. The question is, which company will be better prepared for it? Having the reputation of rarely having a product out of stock is a huge boost of customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Customer Service: Upon research and experience, definitely Gamestop. The customer service people at GameStop were much more knowledgeable of the products and what you could expect to get. The friendliness of the two was about the same, both were good, but one did not seem much better than the other.

Prices: Gamestop. In general, the prices were lower although only by a few dollars. Keep in mind though, these are the pre-sale prices, so this may not be entirely accurate.

Availability: Tie. This was really hard to tell, but I think in general they were about the same. Amazon has a bit of an upper hand, as they are a bigger company with more supply chains and such, but we will see more as the holiday season progresses.

Moral of the Story: GME has the potential to beat Amazon this holiday season.

Thanks for reading.

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