Housing (2007 again?)

Just curious about what the apes think about the housing market? I work for a high end ($1m+) general contractor and I think you'd have to be brain dead to build or buy right now.

Housing is through the roof because money is cheap, but if you think there were TP and gas shortages, try to buy land right now. Then check insulation prices. Then check lumber. Then check literally everything else. You're 30% over the 10yr average for same home.

Why are homes flying off the shelf when they shouldn't be? Talk to anyone you know in construction, we are over balls deep in work and we can't sustain demand. Housing is in a state of emergency and when this bitch corrects itself it'll reverberate like it's 2008.

GME is/was cool and all, but US housing is about to remind the world what real movement looks like.

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