Houston to Rocket, Please Report Status – AMC, BB, MVIS

Houston to Alpha Beta Tango November,

This is your Mission Director (MD) speaking from the command & control center in Houston.

Come-in Rockets, this is Houston, Please report status.

AMC – $30, $31, $32 Burn Complete. Rocket Steady.

AMC – $35 Orbit insertion manuver complete. Delta approaching 60.

MD: Copy that.

AMC – $40 orbit insertion manuver initiated. Delta approaching 40.

All parameters look Normal.

MD: Copy that.

Next orbit increase burn scheduled for tomorrow 6.30 EST.

8.5 M Dump complete.

Griffin,Crammer in check. All parameters look normal.

AMC , you are on your way to $50.

BB – $11 First stage burn Completed. Delta Approaching 60.

– $12 First stage burn Normal.

(MD): Copy that.

BB – $12 After Hours Booster burn Completed. Approaching booster seperation.

– Booster seperation complete.

BB – $13 Approaching Second stage cutoff. Theta burn complete. Delta Approaching 60.

– $13 Second stage cutoff successful.

– $15 Main engine ignition success. Delta Approaching 40.

(MD): Copy that. Escape velocity attained,

 Crammer in check. Guidance outlook looks good 

All parameters look normal.

 BB, you are on your way for $20. 

(MD): We have Liftoff

MVIS – $16 First stage burn normal. Booster seperation complete. Theta Crush complete.

– $17 First stage burn normal. First Stage cutoff Complete. Theta Crush complete.

– 18 -Second stage ignition success. Delta Approaching 60

(MD): Copy that. Escape velocity attained,

 Griffin, Crammer in check. All parameters look normal. MVIS, you are on your way for $30. 

Rockets: AMC, BB, MVIS

Spare Booster: SQ – Just to provide more fuel for the rockets.

NB:This is advanced and confidential rocket info. If you are looking for any advice, there is none here. This is Space.

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