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How to ALWAYS GAIN in options, proven my math and science.

Here is some mathematical model to always win on option plays no matter how dumb you are if you follow these simple rules:

1) when you are at a loss, you need to average down. To do this, just keep buying the same dates strike over and over until you are the only volume in that strike and have total monopoly to price it however you want it. (Bonus: B***inga writes “unusual option activity at $XYZ” article)

2) if you don’t win playing “safe” bets on blue chips where you are convinced your 10% OTM $AMZN option expiring in 8 days (thus technically being a LEAP rather than weeklie since week is 7 days) just simply accept your failure and go back to where you truly belong: $SPY FDs

3) doing DD helps you make better choices. So do just that- I’ll show you scientific way to do the best DD. 1) open RobinHood, 2) click “search icon”, 3) click the “daily movers list”, 4) buy the stock with biggest green number. This way you are alway buying the best stocks.

4) good motivation is key to success. filter out all the gain post in WSB and only look at loss porn. Be glad that you’re only down 8k and not 27k like the retard’s post. This gives you sense that “at least I’m not that bad.”

5) make sure to alway have a stop sell at -10% and watch the underlying just kiss it to trigger sell before having the greatest run to hit ATH.

6) make sure to have a limit sell at 100% and watch the underlying go past it like butter on knife and somehow feel bad about loss of penitential profit over the gain for few days where you get FOMO and end up losing that 100% gain.

7) make weird random rules that you almost never follow and when you get a massive loss day- simply blame that “I didn’t follow my rule and lost”. This gives you excuse to how you can still make money with your non existent rules and you’re lack of actual DD was not the problem.

8) refuse to post any loss on WSB and wait until you get 10% gain on your losing position before posting the image proudly as “all in YOLO no fear!!!” Everyone will know if you made gain or loss depending on if you post a a update or not.

9) POV: you learned what options were 3 months ago and have pretty good idea of what ‘strike’ means and you’re pretty sure something called “theta gang” is the bad guy making you lose. But anytime a noob asks “what’s option guys?” You will be the first to answer: “it’s a right but not a obligation to buy…”

10) POV: you are a veteran WSB retard that lost account password and had to post pictures of cats and dogs to beg for karma for new account to have threshold for posting. NEVER AGAIN.

11) >! Buy SPY calls 10$ OTM 30DTE. Literally free money. !<

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