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I am no Roaring Kitty, but I aspire to be. BB I posted my story few days ago and it was somehow removed from Reditt. Let's get few things out of the way. I am long BB. I lost plenty of money over the years in BB. I still believe in BB. I am retired because of BB. I DONT plan to exit BB for another 2 years. I don't believe that BB is a regular meme stock. $35 minimum is what I expect from this stock in next 2 years(conservatively). Iam just a regular guy who has been a BBeliever for about a decade. Not too many things went my way for last 8 years. However, I kept teeling my wife "Don't worry, we have BB". Today I am happy to say that I retired at 42. Enjoy my time with the kids and quite honestly, I don't even need the money BB is going to make for me in next 2 years. I didn't sell when the stock went to $28. I am not selling until it reaches 35+.

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