I built an AI to classify good DD and bad DD, also shows the growth percentage of a stock associated with a post.

Hello elite traders of the world. I have been lurking for awhile and this is my first time posting. When my friends ask me where I get my stock news, I say r/wsb, then they mock me. They think we're just a bunch of autists who post memes all day. Little do they know, the best DDs I have ever seen come from this subreddit (not that i really read the mainstream shit anyway).

As a busy CS student, I decided to make an AI which can quickly filter out the most legit DDs posted. This should be useful for people who are busy but still interested in not missing out from the quality research that's here.

My model essentially has multiple filters such as upvote ratio and flair, and then predicts with 70% accuracy (currently improving) whether a given DD is worth to look at or not. I computed the growth percentage of a stock associated with a post as the classification label. For those interested in more technical details I explain them in a youtube video here.

I'm making this as a feature on a website so that it's more convenient to use. It should just be a bunch of post titles with probabilities assigned to them being valuable DDs. Every piece of data would directly link back to r/wsb and it would be completely non-profit of course. (Mods let me know if this is not ok)

Here's an example of growth percentage of stocks associated with posts (this is from a few months ago):


I'd like to ask you guys if this is something you think is useful or is it just retarded. Thx bois.

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