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I give up

For years I’ve been skeptical of Tesla. I’ve tried shorting it, I bought puts on it, all to mixed success.

But overall, probably lost 80% of whatever I invested in the short side with respect to TSLA.

Every time I post here with any mild criticism of TSLA, I get yelled at by people who tell me Tesla is going to dominate the world.

And today I see Morgan Stanley‘s report, and Tesla up 10% after earnings, and I’m done.

Not saying I’m gonna go long on Tesla, but no more shorting for me.

I’m wrong.

You’re right.


I said it.

Feel free to yell at me some more about how dumb I was.

You guys did it.

You changed a Redditor’s mind on something.

So take my pride, but I’ll keep my wife. Thank you.

And fuck you – and way to go – to all you assholes driving Lambos who’ve made millions on TSLA with your 💎💎💎🚀🚀🚀🚀✋✋✋.

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