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I’m about to be on the wallstreetbets hall of fame tomorrow.

So, I have a plan. I, a retarded college student with a little knowledge of “investing” in robinhood and have done pretty good over the last few months, losing only 1000 dollars! I know that seems like cake, but losing that much of my college money supposed to be spent for food is crazy.

I’m suited up and have robinhood gold. I am able to deposit $10,000 in instant deposits, but have nowhere close to that money in my bank. No matter what y’all retards say, i’m going to do it tomorrow morning and see what happens. Throwing all into $LCID puts because fuck Lucid. Realistically, will this work? What will happen IF i make profits? Will they just take the amount out and i’m left with the profit? Either way, i’m going to it. I have no clue what will happen to me if i lose this money, but, i’m not thinking about losing. Only thinking about drowning in pussy and blue hundreds. I’m tired of eating out of wendys garbage can.

Short: Using my instant deposit limit on robinhood with not even 30% of the money in my bank. Remember my name.

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