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IONq & Quantum Computers are already here

IONq is the first of many world changing quantum computer companies. Rigetti uses traditional superconducting quantum arrays that translate a little easier to conventional computers. The huge downside is the need for extreme cooling. Rigetti uses multi layers where the innermost layer is 100x colder than outerspace. Xanadu uses photonic systems that are great, and run at room temp but they need lots of additional hardware to work and will be difficult to scale down. Microsoft is working on topological arrays which would provide utility benefits but it hasn't been proven yet and they had to retract one of their papers on it. The point is that there are various methods to how you can create and manipulate qubits, the foundation for quantum computing.

IONq uses trapped ions, from a single atom of ytterbium. Technically a rare metal but it's not rare. Then they manipulate the ions using lasers to create the qubits on the array. Sh*t is bleeding edge and I understand .005% of it but I read everything I can find. It can run at room temp and be easily scaled. Basically IONq doesn't need all the extra resources to create and manipulate their qubits, so the cost and energy requirements are down. This also allows for upscaling arrays on existing hardware. Like they can turn a 16 qubit system into a 64 qubit system eventually using the same stuff they just have to reduce the expected errors that come with quantum computing.

IONq got starting investment money from Amazon, Bill Gates, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, Hyundai, goldman sachs and more. They used that money to prove the tech works and are currently operating with Amazon Braket as their most powerful hardware supplier. Currently IONq has the most powerful quantum computer in business operation at 32 qubits. The next closest comp is 16 qubits. And you can have 9 qubit, 11 qubits computers, it doesn't need to be doubled evenly like ram for instance.

Remember when you see qubit numbers in the future and from other companies, what that really means.

Quantum computing is based on "physical qubits" and "digital" simulated qubits. Conventional computers use bits.

No matter what method you use, ions, photonic, superconducting, etc, You can't have a fully isolated qubit because then you couldn't interact with it to manipulate and tell it what to do. To get around this, modern quantum computing is based on running "leaking" environments with varying fidelity and trackable errors. We use the say 93% that is still functional to simulate more isolated qubits, and use those to simulate even more isolated qubits, in deeper layers until we have a fully isolated qubit we can error correct.

Eventually we need 1 million qubit machines to simulate 10k error corrected machines. IONq just demonstrated how they can scale up to a million at a recent presentation. Eventually a QPU could really lead to some radically advancements in financial predictions, cybersecurity and encryption, biotech discovery, simulation modeling and on and on.

They merged with $600m , $350m of which is pipe investment that is locked up for 6 months from now. Ran to $12 before merger, tanked to $10 at merger, tanked to $7.30 during spy correction and tech sell off. It was mostly shorts based on volume. They have tiny revenue because they are just getting started but that doesn't matter imo. They had that white house presentation to show off and IONq is the only pure quantum computer company on the market so far, with rigetti ipo'ing in a few months.

The pipe investment unlocks in 5 1/2 months and that could be the only negative event coming up. I'll decide what I do with my shares, closer to the date, either hold or sell then compound my gains to hold, maybe for life. It's bleeding edge tech and to try to simplify it more, instead of linear binary data, 1s and 0s. The data can be 1 and 0 at the same time in any ratio, in any direction. It's a bigger technological leap than people understand.

Thanks for your time!

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