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$ITUB DD – ITUB to the moon, or toaster in the tub. Extremely unusual amount of call options.

ITUB DD – ITUB to the moon, or toaster in the tub. Extremely unusual amount of call options.

Right before close on Monday 6/14/2021, a trader(s) purchased an EXTREMELY unusual amount of call options on $ITUB.

CALLS: 331,638 | PUTS: 173

Current Price: $6.37

Order details

Order 1: 150,000 Calls

Exp: 7/16/2021

Strike: $8 Call

Order 2: 100,000 Calls

Exp: 7/16/2021

Strike: $7 Call


What is $ITUB? ITUB can be whatever you want it to be.

What $ITUB may be:

  • Newest addition to Apple's collection of smart devices. The SMART BATHTUB.
  • Passion project between CEO Tim Apple & CEO Milton Maluhy Filho.

What $ITUB is:

$ITUB provides a range of financial products and services in Brazil and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Activities with the Market + Corporation. It offers various deposit products, as well as loans and credit cards; investment banking services; real estate lending services; financing and investment services; and leasing and foreign exchange services. The company also provides property and casualty insurance products covering loss, damage, or liabilities for assets or persons, as well as life insurance products covering death and personal accident; and reinsurance products. It serves retail customers, account and non-account holders, individuals and legal entities, high income clients, microenterprises, and companies.

Warren Buffet is BULLISH on BRAZILIAN BANKING. Specifically, on banks holding digital currency, like that which cannot be named.


TLDR: Not financial advice, make your own decisions, but someone knows something. There is an absolutely insane amount of call options on $ITUB. If there is any amount of abnormal volume on $ITUB this thing's going to blow… like a whale.. because it's a tub… water..

Personally, I will be following the WHALE MONEY, positions below.

POSITIONS: 100x 7/16/2021 $7C, 20x 7/16/2021 $8C

Edit: Original post was removed due to linking to another subreddit when providing a source. That has been removed.

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