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I’ve been in AMC since January and WSB since February along with GME so here’s some advice for the newbies and people who believed the FUD that “meme stocks” will never rise again, short interest is only 20%, AMC will never hit $20, $30, etc. GME is only worth $20, the squeeze already happened, etc….

The squeeze started before today. It’s already been “squeezing” for a bit. This squeeze is a bit more controlled than January, but it’s still overall following the same trend.

Hedge funds were playing a game of chicken to see who bails first. Some bailed, others doubled down on shorts (as late as yesterday) because they believed their own FUD that these stocks can never rise again. Others, just didn’t want to lose to the poor or disadvantaged or people shoving crayons and bananas in their orifices. Look up glacier capitals shareholder letter for a good look at the mindset of these hedge funds (it personally made me more bullish Wednesday and I’m glad someone posted it in a different sub).

They increased their shorts, long story, short earlier this week.

So, what does this mean? No one really knows what they are talking about. I certainly don’t know. No one here can predict the future, or really know what’s going on behind the scenes… It’s all guesses. BUT, we can make bets on possible outcomes. It bothered me how people pushed their opinions as facts, so I am not going to do the same. I don’t know what the future holds either. I’m just guessing based off what is happening now. Honestly, ignore those who think they “know” the answers. If they did, they would be rich already. Don’t take financial advice from people who are as poor as you, or poorer. I made 45k$ with 5 calls and $5k during the March squeeze. I am not rich and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I believe the gamma squeeze is imminent. If you want to believe with me, go ahead. Let’s get these tendies together. If you don’t know the ceiling or are afraid to take that leap, buy puts once it hits that all time high that those banana and crayon loving apes have been waiting for. I’m personally doing both.

Also, please, prepare for the January bullsh!+

Stock freezes, trading halts, blocked access to buying and selling more shares, constant FUD spam, banning of live updates on gme. It’s all designed to cause a panic and stop the gamma. It worked last time, so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This scenario will play out for certain if we see a $100-$200 jump on gme in a single day. All “meme stocks” will be frozen or halted too. If it remains a controlled squeeze this will be postponed till next week or a later date. Still, be armed and ready because anything is possible.


Is it too late to get in? Not really

Gme or amc? If you can afford it; both. Low budget? AMC. Higher budget; GME.

AMC will pop first maybe so you could jump in on that if want tendies now though.

Options or shares: Depends on budget. Ideally both. Sell calls buy shares. Buy puts when it falls back to earth.

How far can it go? No one really knows. When the trading freezes start and panic sets in, anything can happen. Just keep calm and remember this is still only part 2 of the gamma. Part 3 will be the most epic spectacle in history 🙂

What is your play? I’m selling my calls before 2 pm and spreading my gains out into calls for next week and end of July. I’m buying puts as well when I identify the “limit” of high these stocks will go today. If this really is a controlled squeeze, it will continue into next week and push even higher. I’m just waiting for the moment the panic selling starts really.

Who are you? Just a guy who learned options 2 months ago and wants to be a billionaire for personal reasons.

Is any of this true? It’s just an opinion and advice.

Will you help me learn this stuff? I don’t have the time. I wish I could but I have other businesses to run. Just try to learn something from this post and ask around. There are other apes who would be happy to help.

This is just an opinion, not financial advice.

I wish you all the best of luck. It’s going to be a war zone in Season 2

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