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Does anybody else think this is retarded ? The company is valued at 71 billion dollars ?That is WSB level of retardation in overvaluation . They PROMISE to deliver 275 vehicles by end of 2021 , they have delivered about 50 give or take . If this earning reports does not deliver the numbers Wall Street are seeking it should sink the stock price . I get it , I get it, EVs have their market cap priced in to stupid numbers , but this is absurd . They are losing 100s of millions year on year and faced increase competion in their market space . I won’t bet against Tesla , but I’m willing to bet against every other EV company that thinks it can just follow production projections . It simply is not sustainable where a company that “assuming we can meet numbers , which is a big if” is valued way over the traditional auto makers , and even they hit every single number they’ve given out , they deliver 257 vehicles this year , at guess what , a 127 MILLION dollar loss this quarter . Add on top of that that inflation numbers ,supply chain shortages , and semi shortages . People are pumping EV stocks with no revenue behind it ? Welcome to my Ted talk but I think with all the run up this stock has had I think the market realizes to stop pumping money into non-profit companies . The real catalyst is if their earnings dictates they can’t deliver the cars they promised ( side note , Tesla did that for 5 straight years , driving the stock price down ) . EV can run the world in 2030 , right now ? These market caps are ridiculous , LUCID is worth about 15 a share PRICING IN outlooks . Why does the market not value seeing results anymore ?

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