Let’s get ready for Moo-nday!

Let's review why cow farts are the smartest short and long term play on the market ahead of Moo-nday (bullet points for busy apes) :

  • Recycled natural gas (RNG) is the future of green commercial long distance transportation and is years ahead of it's competitors in terms of technology and infrastructure (hydrogen/electric). RNG allows for negative emissions and is extremely cost effective.
  • Clean Energy ($CLNE) is an established RNG provider with little to no competition. They own most of the infrastructure and the only reason they're not reporting profits quarter after quarter is because they're just building more, prioritizing growth over short term profits.
  • $CLNE just secured massive deals with Amazon (heard of them?) and Chevron, paving the way for universal industry adoption.
  • The fact that the technology is so misunderstood by Wallstreet has created a tremendous opportunity for early investors.
  • PRICE : Even with some of you readers realizing the stock's potential last week, the current price (9.59$ AH) is sitting at a HUGE discount from it's intrinsic value as well as from Amazon's optional buy-in price of 13$. A large number of analysts have openly supported this by setting EOY targets ranging from 11$ (extremely conservative) to 27$ (3x).
  • Why does this matter? This means your potential downside of buying at 9.59$ is AT WORST the 15% gained from it's established support at 7.5$ while your potential upside is SIGNIFICANT. As a shareholder, I personally do not see a reason to sell this stock even if the short term scenario (detailed below) plays out because there are few other growth stocks which match it's mid-term potential. Compare this with the possible downside of other meme stocks before making a decision.
  • POTENTIAL SHORT TERM PLAY : So if you've read my previous DD as well as the DDs of fellow cow fart enthusiasts, the open interest on the June 18th 13c is a whopping 29,000 with significant open interest on the strikes before and after up to the 20c. As the price approaches 13$, the option sellers who have sold their calls naked are forced to buy shares, driving the price higher. In return, considering the stock has been heavily shorted by Citadel, Blackstone and the like in the past few weeks, this puts short sellers in a precarious situation, especially as we go above 11$. All this, combined with a low market cap (small purchase = big effect), leads to an explosive cocktail. The potential for a gamma and subsequent short squeeze is only the cherry on top for one the best growth stocks in green energy.

So in the end, we have a stock with :

  1. Extremely limited downside, significant upside (buy low, sell high)
  2. Long and short term gain potential
  3. Unparalleled potential for growth
  4. Little to no competition in it's field
  5. Established partnerships with some of the biggest enterprises in the US
  6. And for those of you like me who care for the environment, brownie points for saving the planet in an innovative and cost efficient way (getting rich while preserving nature? yes please!)

Need I say more? This stock will make you feel like Warren Buffet, a silverback ape and Captain Planet at the same fucking time.

COW FARTS TO THE MOON ON MOO-NDAY šŸ„ šŸ’Ø šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸš€ šŸŒ™ (not financial advice)

Edit : Positions : 420 shares, 2 x June 18th 13c, 1 x June 18th 12c

Previous DDs :




These might be the reasons why this ape yolo'd 250k without thinking twice :


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