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Lobster Futures

My fellow retards,

Like you, I am constantly on the lookout for my next big loss. To the disgust of many, I have come to you all today, with an opportunity to potentially…make money.

If we play our cards right, we will all be able to lose exponentially more money over our lifetime, although, in the interim, at expense of not losing money in the immediate.

Before you are driven to leave this thread with disgust and disdain, give me an opportunity to smooth your brain with my logic.

One Word: Larry The Fucking Lobster Futures

Lobster cheeks have been absolutely tits up, especially within the last couple years where we saw Larry's hitting his all-time-high of $4.82/lbs a recently as 2019, and I believe this has only been exasperated by the pandemic.

CLUE 1 – Number of license holders for lobster-ers as of 2020 was 5,773 has not been this low since 1988

CLUE 2 – Growing consensus that lobster roll prices have been steadily climbing since the start of the pandemic.

CLUE 3 – Growing costs and shortages are causing some people to even smuggle lobsters into countries.

CLUE 4 – My single digit IQ

What does this all mean? Commodity war. High demand, low supply, and with fewer folks fishing for lobsters, the perfect environment for a bidding war that dramatically props up the price of Larry's is set.

Plays: long Larry futures!!

My positions: Power Bottom


Edit: 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

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