Lots of bullish constructs in progress when you zoom out

The Hunt brothers had borrowed heavily and invested in futures contracts in silver and that's why they failed when Comex changed the rules.

The hunt brothers showed us it can be done with two people the wrong way.

It’s up to hundreds of thousands of us to do it the right way.

We should not be leveraged and purchase only physical.

For liquidty or safety whatever your reason You can buy PSLV or another ETF that you trust. PSLV is indeed draining 1,000 oz bars from the market. But never touch SLV or other paper scam ETFS .

It is possible that the US government forced Comex to change the rules but Comex can't do anything to us, nothing.

Comex can't hurt us, we can crush them.

An unorganised buyup is harder to control than few individuals trying to buy the market. . The buy up will need to be long and sustained. We need to buy and hold .

Just put one foot in front of the other and keep stacking (but don't go all in).

Eventually, basic supply and demand functions will out weigh the manipulations!

The bullion banks are finished in days or weeks it's no longer years or months….each one of us little apes kicked them .

The Global Silver Shortage" acknowledged by the US Mint on their Facebook page.


As a results : Global demand will be led by investments in industrial and investment-grade physical silver, as a result of economic recovery from the pandemic, as well as healthy coin and bar purchases building on 2020’s gains.

The whales are going to move now and I'm sure that will accelerate as well …tic tock .

In fact we can take the positive silver narrative further, by analyzing supply and demand. In doing so, we feel confident in calling peak mined silver.

Silver supply is limited. In 2021 we have already reached peak mined silver. Silver mines currently do not produce enough silver to meet demand without recycling.

For now, as long as prices remain where they are, the industry will be able to melt down enough silver to meet demand. But this isn’t a sustainable model. Because silver is more of an industrial metal than a monetary metal, there is a limited amount of above-ground silver available for recycling. Eventually the industry will reach a point where they have to either get more production from existing mines or find new silver deposits. The latter can’t be done in a hurry; it takes seven to 10 years at minimum to build a mine and often longer.

The three areas of growing demand — solar, 5G and automotive — potentially account for greater than 125 million ounces, annually, in 10 years. Where is this new silver supply going to come from?



I do not see enough supply growth to offset the demand growth,” with mine supply falling since 2016 and “I do not see enough projects in development to generate the kind of production levels in question, at least not at current silver prices.”

“My view is that the ‘green revolution’ will be highly positive for silver.”

It’s hard to disagree with that, and the obvious conclusion to be drawn from it, which is that silver prices are heading higher.

There is no alternative to Silver , Silver rose 36x in the 1970s, . Silver jumped 12x in the 2000.

The Silver Institute therefore expects the silver price to advance a whopping 33% in 2021.

The rally in Silver has barely begun and will run for years, imho.

Given the amount of currency printed out of thin air, if history is anything to go by, the gains will be enormous, especially in real terms.

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