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Lucid v. Rivian DD


☑ Backed by Muhammad Bin Salman’s friends

☑ Looks like Toyota Corolla

☑ $200,000

☑ Targeting dying sedan market

☑ If you buy this instead of a Model S or Taycan you’re literally retarded

☑ Already delivered 100s of cars to people who are literally retarded



☑ Backed by honest good guy Jeff Bezos

☑ Looks very good and cool

☑ Affordable for upper middle class

☑ Targeting booming truck and SUV market

☑ No other EV trucks available — so if you buy this instead of a Dodge Ram you are a distinguished gentleman with large penis

☑ Already delivered 100s of trucks to people with big brains and penis


Edit (my position): I already made a 50% gain on the IPO before posting and will be looking to get back in around 100 to hold long term

Edit 2: Rivian have delivered over 100 trucks as of the end of October

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