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McAfee’s dividend will make us RICH

Listen here retards, I have a play which will make your wife’s boyfriend so hard he will finally take a turn with you

McAfee announced a special dividend of $4.50 per share which is INSANE considering the stock is only $29

As we get closer to August 13th, the stock will go up as people buy shares to get that dividend. Options are cheap and this has not even been priced in since the stock has only gone up 81 cents since the announcement!

McAfee's stock has low liquidity with an average trading volume of 450,000 shares. A higher trading day of 900,000 shares made this thing go up almost 7%! If people start buying heavy for the dividend, this thing will go to the MOOON

This play doesn’t require McAfee to have solid fundamentals or any other boomer r/investing words, it just takes advantage of people being greedy and buying in to get the dividend.

My strategy is to buy a mix of $25, $30, and $35 call options and sell these before August 13th because people will sell their shares after they are eligible for the $4.5 dividend.

My positions:

8 25c, 10 30c, 3 35c, 3 25p (all expiring 8/20)


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