Message for the diamond handers🍿🚀

Reality Check: 1) Squeeze has not even begun 2) FOMO is going to drive this up beyond $40, Hollywood and celebrities, whales etc are jumping in 3) Media funded by Citadel or invested against AMC are downplaying the Wallstreet corruption, and calling this spike a reddit squeeze. They did the same with GME, and we all know that is far from over. 4) The bashing is extreme and will get more fierce to try and convince Apes to take profits now. Very simple choice here, you want to make millions you simply buy more and hold. 5) Those that say that 1 k per share is not feasible and would turn Wallstreet upside down are short sited. A redistribution of wealth to millions is the best thing possible for economic recovery and growth. 6) Enjoy the ride, we are finally here at the beginning of making history. Don't panic, unless you are panic buying. Hold past the dips, the negativity and the temptation to cash out early before life changing profits. Congrats to all that are part of this!

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