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Microvast ( $MVST ) – Earnings Setup For Tomorrow Monday November 14, 2021

Microvast ( $MVST ) - Earnings Setup For Tomorrow Monday November 14, 2021

OK all you retards. I hope that many of you have been following my posts on Microvast DD, because the time has finally come and tomorrow is the day that we have been waiting for. Tomorrow, Monday November 14, 2021 is quarterly earnings and anticipation for beating is high. As some of you may know, last quarter they missed and guided down. I would anticipate that when they took the hit last quarter they guided down enough to make sure they could beat this quarter. On top of that, if you look at lot's of DD posted on this company there are tons of partnerships, customers, R&D, and other updates expected.

Now a couple of updates that have developed late last week:

  • The Tutes have started piling into Microvast check out these latest buys.

Tute ownership way up since 09/26/21

  • As some of you may know from my previous posts the free tradable float of MVST is around 27 million, and the S1 still has not been made effective. This means that they need to re-file the S1 with the updated quarterly information that is coming out in this earnings release. They can no longer make the existing S1 amendment effective. This means it will delay the S1 effectiveness much further than anyone imagined! It means we have 27-28 million free tradable float for quite a while now.
  • I did an analysis on the latest holding information from the Bloomberg terminal (which is most up to date and dependable) I believe if the 27-28 million tradeable float (denominator) is correct, then 22,130,687 or about 79%!!!!!!!! of the shares are held by tutes. I just completed this analysis based on latest holdings information on the Bloomberg… including the latest large tute buys weve seen. Here's my math to check (i knocked out shared from the third column where it was S1, or Form 4):

Holding information on Microvast MVST from Bloomberg – Removing S1, Proxy, and Form 4 holdings (insider) totals up third column to 22 million shares held by Tutes as of the latest data.

  • The technicals for exploding are lined up properly as well if earnings beat, or any news that we are anticipating is released. The company is planning on having an online webinar for earnings, and last quarter they did not have a webinar – sounds like they've got something they want to discuss, and they are taking question from retail, with a cool #askmicrovast tag on Twitter. Lots of great questions have been posed, and they will answer the ones they deem best (should be exciting!)

If we just get a little volume here with all the short interest and the setup we are primed for some upwards movement!

  • The short interest is through the roof, at all time highs and the days to cover (between 8-11) and borrow rates are insane (above 150%)

Wow! Lots of days to cover! Lots of shorts!

69! shares left – eat that up Apes! and 147% borrow rate what!

I think Monday is going to be an exciting day and looking forward to riding this with all of you!

Of course I am not a financial advisor and do not recommend you do anything really, just do what you think is right, I just share info.

Full disclosure I am deep in MVST

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