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Money to be made from UFOs

The year is 2021.

US Gov report: something high-tech is up there, we don't know what it is 🛸

UK Gov report: seen it as well 👀

Australian Gov report: ditto that 👀

60 minutes show: here are the Navy pilots that saw it, with the infrared video shot from their jets

General population: not convinced, ignores it

If/when there is a sudden realization by the public of what this revelation really means, it'll be the most profound shift in public thinking (and behaving) of all time. The panic & excitement in the market will be like nothing seen before, and those who anticipated it will be rich.

You may not give a shit about UFOs, but if the writing on the wall was this suggestive of ANYTHING else in the stock market, we'd be buzzing about the potential of betting on this early before the public clued in 🚀

Defense contractors may be the first to surge as with any widespread fear. Space X & Virgin Galactic will be positioned nicely for when international governments want to spend more $ to control space.

For any idiots who like myself believe that we're catching a glimpse of what's to come, how are you preparing your portfolio?

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