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Monthly Options (20 Aug) Open Interest Collateral vs Float AMZN, AMC, GME, CLOV

There are lots of sites that give shot squeeze ratings, but I was curious about gamma squeeze potential. I started building this table out (copy/paste and hand jamming it). It was taking a while, and it was a lot of data to try and share so this is all I have for now.

Data showing $AMZN $GME $CLOV and $AMC

The top part should be pretty simple, shows the the price on Friday, current float and then details about the open interest for the monthly options. (Used the monthly as the tend to have the highest open interest) Then I projected down share price increases starting with 10% up to 150%. Using the open interest I determined how many options would be in the money at those prices and then compared that to the total float.

Here is the pretty picture for these 4 stocks showing graphically the same information. Along the bottom is the share prices increase as a percent and then the vertical axis is the percent of float that would need to be held as collateral for all the ITM options.

Based on this small sample, CLOV looks like it has a good chance to gamma squeeze at least compared to AMC/GME/AMZN(AMZN was trending when I picked my top 10 shares to look at initially, clearly not a gamma squeeze potential). Let me know if there are other stocks that have potential I should compare these against.

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