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Not a missed connection – are you the guy who says “Wallstreetbettor”?

I took my kid to the playground today and as always, braced myself for the droll of small talk with other parents…“That weather, huh?”, “How old’s yours?”, blah blah blah. But when I arrived, I overheard one dude say “Wallstreetbets,” and I could feel myself getting excited. Two fellow retards (or autists?), in the flesh!

I sent my little one into the playground and started walking over to introduce myself to my brethren.

“Those Wallstreetbettors are completely crazy,” I heard Dude 1 say. I slowed down. What sort of retard actually says ‘Wallstreetbettor’?

“Yeah, but you know what? My portfolio now is like 70% Apple,” replied Dude 2. Maybe Dude 2 is my guy because I can get down with AAPL and YOLOs.

“Wow, 70%? That’s real conviction. Don’t you think you should diversify some of that?” At this point, I was about halfway to them and having more doubts about them than my UPST puts (90x 9/17 200p).

“Yeah, my Apple shares have been killing it.” I stopped and turned around. These two were neither autists nor retards. They were investors.

That was when I realized how much the WSB sub meant to me and what my limits were: parentally responsible is okay, fiscally responsible is not okay. See all you retards in Vahalla.

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