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Not gonna lie, I was getting kinda bored with Game stonk but the RSI never lies. 🚀

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I wasn't lying I am getting bored until I stumbled across this. Do as you please, this is not financial advice, I am about as confident in abilities in the stock market as I am writing with my left hand (I'm right handed).

Without further ado:

RSI-Relative Strength Index

Arrows from left to right as the RSI approaches the 40 range, here we go.

  1. Low = $38.50 then exploded up to $348.50. +805.19%
  2. Low = $116.90 then exploded up to $218.93. +87.28%
  3. Low = $132 then up to $175.20. +32.73%
  4. Low = $136.50 then exploded up to $344.66. +152.50%
  5. Low = 177.56 then ….. TBA

TLDR: RSI is touching 40 again on the Day Chart. Jacked 🚀

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