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Now ready for huge gains

Note I prefer higher time frames, like the monthly candles, because there is soo much noise on daily and weekly charts,

Of course the confidence in a bull era, above higher time frames important moving averages adds confidence smaller time frames will resolve upwards.

I said about the enclosed chart at the bottom that it ABSOLUTELY BLOWS MY MIND,

Zooming in, friday 's bounce off bottom of formation, during 6x spike in volume. Nice try. This formation has proven rock solid over & over since March. Breaking it will take more than dumping 50,000,000 ounces in 5 minutes. Nowhere to go but up for now.

Because we see charts the way The Banks do.

  1. Fed admits inflation may not be transitory

From fed : A number of participants remarked that supply chain bottlenecks and input shortages may not be resolved quickly and, if so, these factors could put upward pressure on prices beyond this year.

Justput oil prices so you can expect CPI where :

WTİ >67 Usd

  1. Music stops for Silver nd Gold alternatives :

China opens its borders for gold imports. ( supportive for silver action )

Here is the Chinese offical goverment stance for Gold and silver from the following article so obvious . This is the first time saw that kind of bullish news . especially important that this news from Chinese official goverment declaration

Social media platform some users call for switch to Gold which they said was more stable.

"I still expect a good gold price performance," he said, noting that investing in gold is convenient, while there is no formal way to invest in other assets .

Music stopped ! for gold and silver alternatives .

Still too complicated for many .

  1. Big adds from SLV and PSLV this month the first after February almost 15 million ozz per month this is 2 % increase in total ETFS . Somebodies almost see the light

5.USD index ( DXY) breaking ;

One of the drivers for the next strong move up in silver will be the USD index (DXY) breaking below the Feb '18 low of 88.15 and descending into its 3yr cycle low. It is currently on calendar day 84 of the current intermediate cycle. They usual run 160-280 calendar days.

  1. Modeled Gold Price:

CPI inflation index is a poor historical tracker of the gold price. The pink dashed line below shows the cycle high price of $35/oz price from 1934 projected forward using CPI scaling. Clearly, M2 scaling with a mine-supply discount tracks the gold price much better.

Once this is all behind us, there should be a strong move up in gold into the summer. After that, I would expect the next big move in gold to be a push up to ~$3000 by mid-2022 .

  1. Gold /silver Ratio :

So silver will lead the metals and the gold/silver ratio, now at 67, will initially reach 30 like. The long term target is likely to be a lot lower, probably 15 or below. As talked before the expected Gold prices 3.000 usd in the mid of 2022 and with gold /silver ratio we can expect price range 150 -200 Usd /ozz which is x8 gain from actual 27.6 usd /ozz price .

Now our tickets :

  1. Physical Silver bars coins , or other stuff just as an example : The premiums are sky high so it is over . Spot at $28.15. Some internet sites selling eagles for $44.28. Either something big is coming and they know it or someone selling this to you is wearing a ski mask. Either way, not sure why you would buy this product at this price.
  2. PSLV Reaches $4 BILLION in Assets! 144,213,789 total ounces of Physical Silver
    53 million ounces of physical silver added in 2021 . Actually now only feasible alternative . Fully liquid and buy and sell in a second and also hedge yourself .
  3. ZSİL ( swiss ) , or other European allocated ETFS .

My position : I have 1.700 ozz of physical silver

Nothing here is financial advice ……………………………………..

Loves you all although got many negative comments and I want all you see this opportunity . Even mosts are not in . At leaast 5 /10 % add to your portfolio and play your usual stock or option games .

Lastly :

The fact that I'm seeing so few cheerleaders getting giddy about the upside in precious metals and miners is a welcome positive for further gains in the weeks and months ahead imho

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