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[NVDA] Pelosi is way in the money on her last big options play.

This woman is the original degenerate gambler.. probably a mod here. She is one of the few congresspeople that frequently trades options from what I can see.

She bought 1-5M 400 leaps before the split so these would be ~115 strike price now. Stock is up around 15% since then so with that 2x leverage she is sitting pretty at +300k already if only a million was spent.

I've been composing an index of stocks bought recently by the top performers in congress to see how much alpha really is in these politicians hands. I calculated the return of the stocks bought by these top performers in the last month and took the one's with the most return / momentum so far (+ NVDA and AAPL because of these trades by pelosi). The current list is as follows.










This is an interesting portfolio here. We have semiconductors with VSH, NVDA, LRCX, some energy/telecommunication infrastructure with LMRK/NOK (5G play too), the oldest insurance company in europe I believe with ALIZY, and then the standard big tech.

[{"first": "JOHN","last": "HICKENLOOPER","symbol": "NOK","name": "JT NOKIA CORPORATION SPONSORED S","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/03/2021","notification_date": "07/09/2021","url": "","percent_change": 6.86},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "GOOG","name": "Alphabet Inc ","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/09/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": 6.54},{"first": "THOMAS R.","last": "CARPER","symbol": "LMRK","name": "Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/04/2021","notification_date": "07/06/2021","url": "","percent_change": 5.68},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "MSFT","name": "Microsoft Corporation","amount": 50001.0,"purchasae_date": "06/22/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": 4.24},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "LRCX","name": "Lam Research Corporation","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/09/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": 2.26},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "ALIZY","name": "ALLIANZ SE ADR","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/10/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": -1.04},

{"first": "THOMAS R.","last": "CARPER","symbol": "VSH","name": "Vishay Intertechnology Inc ","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/29/2021","notification_date": "07/06/2021","url": "","percent_change": -1.85},

{"first": "THOMAS R.","last": "CARPER","symbol": "TTE","name": "TotalEnergies SE","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/04/2021","notification_date": "07/06/2021","url": "","percent_change": -3.57},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "BIIB","name": "Biogen Inc ","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/08/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": -5.11},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "PGR","name": "The Progressive Corporation","amount": 15001.0,"purchasae_date": "06/24/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": -5.37},

{"first": "THOMAS R.","last": "CARPER","symbol": "APO","name": "Apollo Global Management Inc ","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/04/2021","notification_date": "07/06/2021","url": "","percent_change": -6.8},

{"first": "JOSH","last": "GOTTHEIMER","symbol": "MTDR","name": "JT MATADOR RESOURCES COMPANY","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/24/2021","notification_date": "07/12/2021","url": "","percent_change": -10.12},

{"first": "THOMAS R.","last": "CARPER","symbol": "RAMP","name": "LiveRamp Holdings Inc ","amount": 15000.0,"purchasae_date": "06/29/2021","notification_date": "07/06/2021","url": "","percent_change": -11.14}]

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