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NYPD charged one sergeant in Eric Garner case, but not another —‘I’ve got a lot of questions’ about that, says judge overseeing inquiry

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NEW YORK — A judge hearing evidence about Eric Garner’s death from a Staten Island police officer’s chokehold said Wednesday she doesn’t understand why only one of the NYPD sergeants at the scene of the incident was punished. That sergeant, Kizzy Adonis, who testified at the hearing before Judge Erika Edwards, was the only NYPD officer punished in Garner’s death besides Daniel Pantaleo, who applied the chokehold. Pantaleo eventually was fired, and Adonis lost 20 days of vacation. “I’ve got a lot of questions,” said Edwards. “I know what happened to Sgt. Adonis, and I’m trying to figure out — a…

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