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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity For Tech Stocks

Just heard from friends in China there are over 200 cases in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu. Regional lockdowns are happening. Florida just had over 20K cases in a day, the worst day since the pandemic started.

Covid is far from over and we probably will go through another circle of rotating into tech and then rotating into “recovery” plays.

As long as the covid is not over, JPOW is unlikely to taper. And the longer this pandemic stretches, the more the world will adopt technologies. And more will move from offline to online. Calls on AAPL for all kinds of electrical devices.

After more people adopt technologies, more companies will upgrade their tech stacks to meet the new service traffic and reliability demand. Calls on tech cloud and infrastructure companies like AMZN.

And once the world adopts technologies, it won’t be able to leave and tech just have that sticky magic.

TLDR: Tech gonna moon and it just started. Covid is terrible for public health but it accelerated tech adoption by at least 10 years.

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